A Country Home in Yahud

  • STRUCTURE : 2016
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : Hotel
  • LOCATION : Prague, Czech Republic
A 3 story property in Yahud

A Country Home in Yahud

The property, featuring modern and industrial elements, looks like a luxury home straight out of a fairytale.

The core of the planning revolved around an impressive ceiling height that gives the property a spacious feel and large windows that allow the outdoors to feel like a seamless part of the property, as well as allow for an abundance of natural light.

Industrial elements were used for this project such as brass air-conditioning pipes that contrast with some of the warmer elements such as wooden floors and wooden furniture. The result: intimate and cozy spaces, despite the high ceilings. Nostalgic furniture was used to decorate the property such as the living room couch, which reminded the client of her old family home couch and was turned multi-functional with the back of the couch doubling as a bookcase.

The kitchen was planned to be garden-facing, in an area that is detached from the rest of the living space and allows for a quiet cooking experience and relaxed entertainment in the garden dining corner.

Structure: 280 sqm

Plot: 450 sqm

Construction: Buky Snir

Photography: Itay Sikolsky