A Feast for the Eyes

Private house in Herzliya

Luxurious Chefs House

This 70-year-old small house was designed for a Chef and his family. It was renovated from the bottom up, but parts of the structure were retained in the effort of preserving some of the original planning. The house was planned and designed in clean lines and its true beauty lies in its simplicity that remains true to the original. The interior was designed in a country-living / vintage style giving it an intimate and familial feel that exudes warmth. The renovated kitchen was turned into the heart of the property and opens up into both the entrance hall as well as the living room. The worktop is made of a cast concrete plate that highlights the authenticity of the material. The original mosaic cast stairs were preserved, and the rusted metal banister was replaced with a glass one that represents the coming together of old and new, an idea which is represented throughout the property.




450 sqm



  • STRUCTURE : 2015
  • SIZE : 450 sqm
  • LOCATION : Herzliya