A Gem of a Shop

  • STRUCTURE : 2014
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : comercial
  • LOCATION : tel aviv
Jewellery store in Neve-Zedek, Tel-Aviv

A Gem of a Shop

This shop was constructed on the high-street of the Neve Zedek neighborhood, Tel-Aviv’s first neighborhood, which is located outside the walls of old Jaffa. A historic print house was originally located on this land and the planning intended to ensure that the repurposing of the space was done organically and harmoniously to preserve some of its old characteristics. According to this plan, the new style combines elements from the construction and industrial worlds, without creating a new or overly refined design. The structure’s walls expose layers of the original silicate bricks, which emphasize the history of the place and support an architectural vision that is proud and respectful of its heritage. The ceiling height in the center of the space was doubled and from it one can walk up to the studio that includes a VIP room dedicated to large sales.

Structure: 40 sqm

Photography: Valerie Ziouz