A Happy & Colourful Apartment

  • STRUCTURE : 2018
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : apartment
  • LOCATION : Ha'sharon
an old apartment from the austerity days of 1950’s Tel-Aviv

A Happy & Colourful Apartment

This 1950’s apartment was constructed with sand-cement blocks during the austerity period and has undergone a total renovation. It was completely demolished and redesigned as a well-lit, airy and colorful fresh space. The clients, a couple in their 60’s, wanted a joyful open-space property. It was important to them that the place would feel spacious and allow for eye-contact to be made from most corners of the property. The planning focused on creating flowing spaces with an emphasis on continuity from the indoors outward to the view of the bustling Tel Aviv Avenue.

the inspiration for the bold color scheme was the Mediterranean color palette, alongside the couple’s memories from exotic sites around the world. As such, coffee and mocha shades were introduced along with touches of turquoise, orange and light blue combined with American walnut  tree wood.

multifunctional furniture items, such as a modern beehive display cabinet, were used to create an airy partition between spaces whilst also being used as both a storage space and a display cabinet, adding to the practical warm feel of the place without over cluttering.

Space: 75 sqm

Construction: Ido Snir

Structural Engineer: Buky Snir

Photography: Valerie Ziuz