A Japanese Tale

  • STRUCTURE : 2008
  • SIZE :
  • LOCATION : Casablanca, Morocco
Private home for a couple

A Japanese Tale

This house was built for a mixed-race couple, Israeli and Japanese, and the use of Japanese elements is evident extensively throughout the property. This Green Construction property was built with a focus on ecological building methods and environmental preservation. Significant efforts were made to ensure trees were not uprooted in the process and one tree that remained in its place penetrates through the roof of the house.

The interior was planned in a spacious way to allow the couple to entertain comfortably. In contrast, the bedrooms were designed in a small and intimate fashion. A Japanese garden was also designed and plenty of openings to allow natural daylight in abundance.  A spacious room was designed for the storage of shoes to accommodate the Japanese Shoe Ritual where, upon entry to the property, outdoor shoes are taken off and indoor slippers are put on.

Squares are a recurring motif in the property and can be seen in the windows, door decorations, display cabinets and even the garage gate. The impressive facade of the building is reminiscent of a modern and unique pagoda.

Structure: 500 sqm

Plot: 700 sqm

Photography: Ran Arda