A Minimalistic TLV Loft

  • STRUCTURE : 2010
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : loft
  • LOCATION : tel aviv
a couple’s Loft apartment

A Minimalistic Tel-Aviv Loft

This loft apartment is situated on the ground floor of a conservation Bauhaus property, close to the beach.  The apartment previously served as a psychologist’s clinic and was bought by a 40 something couple from the north of Israel that wanted a small and practical holiday apartment in central Israel.

The originally 2-room apartment was opened up into one open space with minimal partitions to make it feel bigger and improve natural light. Partitioning in the new planning was minimal and implied with only 2 apparent partitions, the first between the bathroom area and the open space and the second, in the shape of an airy steel partition on the kitchen island that frames the entrance area. This element doubles as a kitchen utility storage unit as well as a display element for decorative pieces. Grey and pastel pink colors were introduced into a predominantly neutral-sandy color scheme to subtly define various spaces without having to add any physical partitions.

Natural large grey stone tiles, that look like one big slab, were used for the flooring to minimize even the slightest visual partitioning. The entrance hall floor is made of warm and elegant ash wood that was also used for shelves and as the working top in the kitchen.

Constructional elements were preserved during the renovation such as exposing the silicate bricks of the structural walls that characterized the pioneer building style in israels’ first days. The original concrete belts were also kept along with the original kitchen window and the entrance window, preserved in a steel Belgian profile.

The original green shade of the entrance door was also kept, and it appears as a recurring motif throughout the apartment in items such as the bedside tables and a variety of artwork dotted around the house. etc.

Space: 30 sqm

Construction: Buky Snir

Photography: Valerie Ziouz