Center of TLV

  • STRUCTURE : 2016
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : apartment
  • LOCATION : tel aviv
Bauhaus apartment for a young family

Center of TLV

This young family’s apartment, located in an old building in the center of TLV close to Dizengoff Centre (a well-known Shopping and leisure center) was completely renovated.

The planning principles that the renovation was based on were innovation alongside modesty to create a warm familiar atmosphere.

The clean lines of the property were inspired by Bauhaus architecture and “The White City” and preserved during the renovation. White and other soft bright shades were used throughout, and unnecessary decorative elements were avoided. The old walls and infrastructure were completely torn down, and partially re-routed in order to maximize storage space and create open airy spaces whilst maintaining as much practicality as possible. The property, originally with very little natural light, cluttered and somewhat claustrophobic turned into an open and airy space. Despite the nostalgic brown color scheme, the apartment looks modern, spacious, and flooded with natural daylight.

Space: 78 sqm

Construction: Buky Snir

Photography: Omri Amsalem