Concrete on the Rocks




4,500 sqm




Mevo Carmel

  • STRUCTURE : 2017
  • SIZE : 4,500 sqm
  • CATEGORY : comercial
  • LOCATION : Mevo Carmel

The area includes a building used as a concrete factory as well as a four-story office building and was built on a stretch of land with challenging topography. The T-shaped structure sits on a rocky terrain with height fluctuations of about 3.5 meters. To address the height difference, the office building was constructed with 3 levels on one side and 4 levels on the other. The driving behind the architectural planning was to create the buildings from materials that are in fact created by the factory itself, thus creating a building which in essence is its own “portfolio”.

Different usage of concrete, shapes, textures, and different styles can be seen throughout the building. Cast concrete with horizontal and diagonal wooden forms; concrete slabs smoothed into large rectangles, unrefined, raw concrete cast as “dirty” and unpolished slabs; concrete pergolas and cornices, are all but a fraction of the usages of this versatile material. The building, built in horizontal lines with a clean brick look, was inspired by Bauhaus architecture.

The hangar, in which production takes place, was also built as a simple frill-free white rectangular space. The white color aims to reflect the clean vision behind the architectural and design aesthetics as well as the clean quality of the actual products and also works well in contrast to the actual materials produced – concrete.

Concrete factory and office building