Neo Classic House

  • STRUCTURE : 2011
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : House
  • LOCATION : Guangzhou, China
A private house for sale in Herzliya Pituach

The Neo-Classic House

This house was built as a white ‘box’ topped by a stunning half-cylinder-shaped roof. This property was intended for sale and was designed for clients that wanted a European style property, abundant in decor. The property is a modern build – however, the geometric shapes that make up the property frame give it a unique Neo-Classic feel. There are wide spacious doorways throughout the house that allow a good flow of air and an abundance of natural light to flood the spaces. The shade palette includes white, grey and a touch of blue from the breathtaking swimming pool.

Structure: 375 sqm

Plot: 450 sqm

Construction: Buky Snir

Photography: Ran Arda