The Cube House

  • STRUCTURE : 2009
  • SIZE :
  • CATEGORY : Museum
  • LOCATION : Strasbourg, France
Private house in Herzliya


The property was designed in a modern-industrial style and was built in the shape of a cube that is missing one face – in which a swimming pool and an external seating area were designed. The pool, built on the northern side of the plot, was planned as an infinity pool with the water flowing in the direction of the house, creating a stunning view. The shades used for the interior spaces are dramatic ranging from white through dark grey to plenty of black.

The square motif repeats itself in the front of the property in the windows, the shape of the pool and a variety of carpentry such as the bookcases. An exposed concrete wall begins at the western front of the property and continues through to the heart of the house, in the ground floor living room, as a feature wall onto which the TV is affixed.

From there it continues to ‘cut’ through the property, following it up the levels and ending in the form of a stunning banister that surrounds the master bedroom balcony.

In contrast to the dramatic spaces, the children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom were designed with an intimate, soft, and welcoming feel. With plenty of textile elements, textures, and romantic contrasts alongside more playful pieces.

Project: Private house in Herzliya

Structure: 300 sqm

Plot: 300 sqm

Structural Engineer: Buky Snir